Case Study


     Actionable Insights  ¨  A Way to Gauge their Value to Customers  ¨  Marketing Resources  


Renodis is a full life cycle telecom management company. Renodis is already a customer-focused company, but they knew they needed to reach out to customers more. They wanted a way to measure customer satisfaction, to identify unknown issues and to address them, to have a source for more customer testimonials, and to create the best sentiment with clients. Due to limited time and resources, and having decided on an unbiased approach, they decided to partner with Q Squared Analytics. 

Specific Challenges:

  • Limited time and resources to reach out to customers as often as they wanted.
  • While they did regular reviews with their customer, they didn’t have a system in place to measure customer satisfaction.
  • Marketing wanted additional resources to attract new customers.

Solution – Customer Insight Program:

The Customer Insight Program is rooted to a thoughtful customer-focused questioning strategy tailored to the client’s business goals. Customer interviews include standard metrics such as Customer Effort, Customer Satisfaction, and Net Promoter, and we ask the important “why” follow-up questions that are often left out and yield some of the most critical information we gather. 

  • A fixed-bid $1000 pilot program to interview an executive/manager and an end-user from a discreet number of key customers.
  • Having decided that the pilot program netted them the kind of customer information they were looking for, Renodis decided to roll out the Customer Insight Program to other key customers, gradually, throughout the year. 
  • Interview results were sent to the Director of Marketing on a daily basis so that if customer issues arose they could be addressed quickly. 
  • Interview results and metrics were documented quarterly, with an overall analysis of Net Promoter, Customer Effort, and Customer Satisfaction scores, and an overall summary of conclusions and findings based on the interview narratives.


  • 90% of key customers on the list provided to Q Squared were interviewed. 
  • Feedback in the customer’s voice was brought to the leadership team and beyond, helping to achieve the goal of having a resource for customer testimonials.  
  • Renodis gained the capability to measure customer satisfaction.
  • They gained insight into their relationships with their customers – and the insights they gained are objective.
  • They gained a system that brings customer issues to their attention so they can be addressed, conveying to their customers their genuine dedication to always be improving.
  • They gained a way to gauge the value they bring to their customers – that they take the headache that is telecom management off their customer’s plates. 
  • Quarterly reports and an end-of-the-year wrap-up report allow them to see, clearly, areas of strength and areas for possible improvement. 
  • They gained a tool to recognize employee excellence, contributing to a positive employee culture.
  • They gained a marketing resource which led to a press release, announcing that Renodis’ Net Promoter Score is 5X that of others in their industry.