A Customer Experience Insights Company

Understanding why a customer has said something fundamentally changes the perception of what they have said.



Customer interviews: Build Your Customer Intelligence

What do you wish you knew about what the experience of working with your company is like for your customers? They have the answers. You just have to reach out. Well, not you exactly. Your plate's already full. And customers often hesitate to give honest feedback to the person providing the service anyway. 

Through conversational customer-focused phone interviews we reach out and connect with your customers to build a cache of quantitative and qualitative data that allows you to measure how your company is doing, to better predict customer behavior, and to identify actionable insights so you can improve.   


Close The Loop

 Our key measure is the industry standard Net Promoter Score question where customers categorize themselves by the answer they give. Right up front you know which customers are most at risk for churn, because they've told you. And then we go wide by asking other questions that help to illuminate customer relationships and identify potential areas for improvement. We circle back and re-interview those customers 1-2 times per year in order to understand if the changes made have had a positive effect -- and we circle back because relationships are not static. It's about putting in place an ongoing process to continuously measure the health of your customer relationships and make changes, when appropriate.


Data: How to Make Use of It

   Our process uses a combination of quantitative analysis, feedback in the customer's voice, and visuals to help you get your arms around it all. And your customers will provide actionable insights that, when acted upon, result in positive change in processes and relationships. Our straightforward approach helps companies better understand what builds relationships with their customers and what breaks them down. The goal is to always consider the customer experience and to always be improving.

Pilot program

Be confident before you move forward.

We set up a fixed-bid, $1000 pilot project -- a test, in order to better assess whether our approach works well for you and nets you the kind of information you want. First, we work together to determine which customers to include in the pilot program and which questions will be most productive. We complete five customer interviews and present all findings -- which will include Net Promoter, Customer Effort, and Customer Satisfaction ratings,  along with narrative responses from other key questions, and the conclusions we draw. It's a glimpse into what you can expect to learn about the health of your customer relationships. Then you decide whether it makes sense to move forward.